Taking what you already have and transforming it into what you really want is great… but it’s harder than it sounds.

Recently, some lovely clients reached out to me because they had a vision about creating a fun, liveable, and relaxing home – but they simply didn’t know how to make it a reality on their own.

They’d just moved into their dream home in New Canaan, so we set off to work together to create the perfect gathering space!

We reimagined their living room to make it the ideal welcoming space during the day and for enjoying down time with adult beverages at night.

This included transforming a built-in stereo storage cabinet (now obsolete thanks to Alexa) into a custom wet bar for the adults to enjoy!

Now, not only do they have a well-appointed and stylish home to enjoy during the day, but after-hours they get to feel like they’re enjoying a nightcap at a swanky social club, too!

If you want to make the most of your home, and have a vision for creating the perfect place to welcome family and friends at any time of day – but don’t know exactly how to pull it all off – let’s connect on how to make it happen for you!

Your dream home is closer to being a reality than you think… and together we can have fun while creating it!