Great entryways can make that stunning first impression that’s so important when your guests first enter your home.

Recently I worked with clients to create an entryway that’s both impressive and inviting… leaving one mother-in-law standing in shocked silence while admiring the staircase!

We achieved this effect by showcasing the space’s high ceilings to draw the eye to specific focal points in adjoining rooms.

But great architecture and lovely natural light weren’t the only highlights of the space.

We used art to connect guests to our client’s individual style and bring it all together.

Now our clients’ entryway greets and wows guests, making them feel both welcomed and astonished simultaneously.

Inviting others into your home is an opportunity to express your true self.

If you don’t feel the same joy when you think about welcoming guests back into your home, then book an Inspiration and Insight Meeting, and together we can make sure you (and your home) leave the right impression every time!