Preparing your home office for success

Now that school has started and everyone's adjusting to a new schedule, you may have turned your attention back to your own working life.Do you have a dedicated home office... and is it ready to help [...]

A True Sanctuary

With a chill in the air and the leaves beginning to change colors... there's no denying it: fall is here. While it feels like summer passed us by all too quickly, for one of my [...]

Tranquil Retreat… or a pile of clothes?

It never fails: during these cold winter months, maximizing the creature-comforts of our personal spaces leaps to the top of our minds. We’re social creatures, and we crave the perfect kitchen, family room, and dining [...]

Ringing in the new year

Taking what you already have and transforming it into what you really want is great... but it's harder than it sounds. Recently, some lovely clients reached out to me because they had a vision about creating a fun, liveable, [...]

First impressions are everything

Great entryways can make that stunning first impression that's so important when your guests first enter your home. Recently I worked with clients to create an entryway that's both impressive and inviting... leaving one mother-in-law [...]

Sophisticated comfort

There’s no greater joy than seeing something you envision come to life! I recently worked with a client who wanted to make their living room feel sophisticated – yet still cozy and comfortable – for the family to relax in. [...]