Every time I enter a home – whether it’s for an interior design project or a home staging – I look for the unusual space: the space that makes most people nervous because they don’t know what the heck to use it for. 

I love those spaces! 

In one house I recently had the pleasure of working in, there were many nooks (be still my beating heart!), and some were just begging to be used in a manner other than simply being dumping grounds for boxes and storage. 

By working together, we were able to transform what was once a seemingly unusable space into a cozy reading nook!

The reader’s view from this spot was incredible, and it was large enough to place a comfy chair, an ottoman, and a side table… but still small enough to feel that sense of warmth that a “nook” offers. 

Sitting perched in this little space now has a purpose. In fact, it’s become the one of the most coveted seats in the house – whether for curling up and doing a crossword puzzle or catching up on a book. 

There are so many creative solutions for nooks and other unusual or unconventional spaces! 

If your challenging space has you confused – or you simply have tried everything, but nothing seems to work the way you want it to – then let’s connect.

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