Navy is more than just color. 

It’s the tone of the sky and the water… it’s a classic, fun, crisp color that lends tranquility to any room. It can be the perfect canvas to showcase your artwork, and it also goes well with wallpaper if that’s what you fancy! 

In a recent living-room project, my client wanted to move away from the yellows and greens she had lived with for so many years. I shared two Inspiration Boards with her that were completely different from what she’d been living with: one used color, but with a very different approach, and one was more neutral. The hardest decision, according to my client, was which direction to select. She loved them both (YAY)!  She excitedly opted to use navy as the focal color and it is amazing!

Adding navy to her home color palette acted as a springboard for the remainder of the rooms we worked on. It also created a very fresh and “breathable” space where she felt both excited and proud to entertain family and friends. And, we didn’t lose all the florals she’d always loved – now they’re simply showcased in a more relevant and modern way.

If you’re reluctant to use color – navy or otherwise – because you’ve been living in a light-wall world (or simply just don’t know where to start) then let’s connect!   

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Color is your friend, and when used correctly, it is life (and home) changing!