I hope so! 😉 Of course, I’m not suggesting that you don’t like bathing – rather that there’s no reason you can’t create a lovely space to bathe/shower in that’s in a room with an inclined ceiling!

My lovely clients live in an A-framed house. They wanted the attic to become a master suite, but changing the roofline was out of the question. So what did we do?

The solution was to work with an architect to develop a plan for making the best use of the available space… and to create the bathroom of their dreams! 

In addition to a sizeable shower, we created custom storage and opted for a vanity that would house all the bathroom necessities. 


Now they have an incredible master suite with a large, full bathroom that not only increased the value of their home, but changed the way they live there.

This couple welcomed twins soon after the project was complete, and they told me, “Life has been made a lot easier with the renovations upstairs, especially that beautiful and functional bathroom. I don’t think we could raise these two kids in the prior space.”

So if you’re ready to add or update your bathroom, and you’re not sure how to deal with an inclined ceiling or another awkward space – do not panic!

We can help you create a space that best suits your needs and makes your space beautiful and functional. 

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